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Green fields – A highly anticipated project by Al Ghani developers

Al Ghani Gardens is one of the most reliable real estate companies especially based in Lahore, a company known for providing one of the best and most brilliant residential projects and investment opportunities in Lahore. Now they are very pleased to launch their new project with the name of ‘Greenfields ‘

Green Fields is a modern housing project developed to provide people with a luxurious lifestyle and basic living facilities. As it offers a prime location with a few minutes effortless drive from any busy route all over Lahore. It’s a perfect place for those who inspire to live every moment of life in a more better and luxurious mode. They have a highly experienced and qualified team of planners, architects, developers, and engineers working day and night to complete the Greenfield project.

Many people have shown interest in this project as it offers all basic to modern and advanced facilities and amenities at an affordable rate. It’s a large housing project that offers residential plots in different ranges.


Facilities are the main component of any modern civilization, and they offer this at an affordable rate. Their developer’s primary objective is to create a welcoming and healthy lifestyle environment that’s why significant land area is reserved for the main theme park so everyone can enjoy nature.  A peaceful and safe community offers a healthy environment, a number of parks, playgrounds nurseries, and open green areas are included in the master plan of this project.

This community offers a comfortable lifestyle with all modern convenience, with all that requirements if religious needs will also meet by society. Developers are constructing a stunning and large Jamia mosque. Moreover, society also considered water requirements, for this large amount of water will be stored in water reservoirs that the residents can utilize in their daily tasks. In order to guarantee pure drinking water filter plants will also be delivered. Green Fields wants to feel safe to their residents so they will provide complete security with a security system that has 24/7 CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment that is expertly placed. All other facilities that are required to live basic and luxurious life which include schools, restaurants, parks, hospitals, universities, and much more are also located in this community. If you are looking for a premium project for investment no need to look further, Green fields bring and exclusive chance to invest in the best real estate project.

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